Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thirsty For - Sangria and More

Really happy to share recent work I did for Tastemade's Thirsty For:

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The series features a wide range of beverages from around the world... I have been a big fan since its inception, and was really excited to contribute to its 3rd season. For the episodes I work on, I write and develop the recipes and food style on set. The director writes the scripts and shoots the series (among other things). It's been really fun to collaborate...

Other recently aired episodes include one we did for Sachlav and one for Citron Pressé. Next week they'll premiere our episode for Loomi Tea... a middle eastern tea made out of dried limes that we shot in the desert.

One of my favorites in the series was styled by my close friend Kari, who has some upcoming episodes this season, too:

Also, check out the episode for Tibetan yak butter tea... it's the drink that is the inspiration behind all the butter coffee everyone is drinking (without getting into the controversy of whether butter coffee is good/bad)...

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